Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vacation in Maine Part 3: At Grammie and Grampy's House

Grammie Daisy and Grampy Frank have a beautiful house in Maine, near the shores of the Kennebeck River. Their garden is spectacular, and the new kitchen and bathroom additions are really gorgeous as well.

We all had hours of fun exploring their garden. It's full of flowers, veggies, beautiful brick and stonework, interesting plants of all kinds, and even a little frog pond!

Here's Gretel wearing her new (very old) backpack that was my sister Sally's when she was tiny.

We were very jealous of Grammie Daisy's chard, which is about 4 times the size of ours!

Here's the new bathroom. It also has a clawfoot tub off to the right and room for the washing machine. Such a transformation from the closet that it was previously!

Gretel loved sitting in Grampy Frank's kayaks, and letting him pull her around the yard!

Three generations. Two first-borns and a fourth-born!

Dancing with Grammie.

The frog pond was Gretel's favorite place (or was it the raspberry bushes?). In any case, she is now a huge fan of frogs. Grampy Frank has them trained to come out when he feeds them, so at any given time there might be 5-10 frogs hanging around waiting for a meal!

We picked and shelled many runner beans. Here's Gretel doing her part of the picking.

And Grampy helping...

Nerds in Daisy's garden!

Tea in bed, a Lackaff family tradition.

Gretel and her Grampy. These two really hit it off!

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