Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Gretel's Halloween was a fun one, with great weather, good friends, and excellent trick-or-treating! She was a beautiful butterfly, thanks to the handiwork of Grandma Liz who made her costume! The Hess family and the Tappan-Pecks were at our house and so there was plenty of action to keep everyone entertained.
The butterfly with her cousins, Harry Potter and Elmo.

Prior to dressing up the kids were reading books together.
Below, the Tappan-Pecks were all animals, a rabbit, a bear, a little field mouse and a little squirrel!

The Decks were once again as scary as possible in tacky wigs.....

Going trick-or-treating! Gretel got the gist of it pretty quickly and was soon charging up to people's front doors by herself. Perhaps she was dressed as a "social butterfly"?!

Eating treats back home.

Later that evening, the costumes came off and the pajamas went on (in most cases). Here are the three cousins, just plain old Gretel, Soleo and Orion again!

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