Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grampy Frank and other Lackaffs!

We had a visit from Gretel's Grampy Frank and Great Aunt Mary in March. It was great fun to have them! A few of the other Lackaff brothers and sisters met up at our house for a brief reunion. Five of the nine were present, which I'm guessing hasn't happened in several years. Below are L-R Uncle Pete, Aunt Mary, Aunt Annie, Dad and Uncle Fred.

They are all really talented piano players, so each in turn sat down to plunk away at our piano. This is Fred playing a tune.

A few shots of dinner. Casey and Gretel and I felt pretty lucky to get to listen in on the stories of the good old days on the farm and so forth. It was a real treat!!

As icing on the cake, just today we received a thank you gift from Aunt Mary in the mail. I'd been wishing for a real old metr0nome, the kind that are beautiful as well as functional. Mary's package included just that, a gorgeous metronome in perfect condition dating back to the early 1900s. Needless to say this is my new favorite possession. And it looks absolutely beautiful on the piano (see below). It will make my lessons even more fun than they already are! THANK YOU Mary!

Miscellaneous March Pictures

Here are some pictures taken during March. I like this series of Gretel in her new pink sweater from Auntie Molly, particularly this first one which is a rare shot of her teeth! They really changed her grin when they came in. Of course, we are quite used to them now.

Below are a few photos from a Sunday walk at Kelly Point Park, one of our old NoPo stomping grounds. It's Alistair's favorite place to go.

Our long bed of peas in the back yard.

We had several March days that were so warm and sunny, Gretel had to get out her sun hat. This little hat was the first and only item of clothing I bought before Gretel was born. In fact it was in that year before she was even conceived. Saskia was visiting and we were out shopping when I saw it on the sale rack at the kids Gap store. I couldn't resist. Sass knew right then that I was hoping for a little girl one day.

Pops, on the other hand, may have been hoping for a boy! Better luck next time Casey!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Molly's Visit!

Molly was on this side of the earth for some work she was doing at the Olympics, and was able to make a brief stop in Portland on her way home. Sally and Roger came from Astoria for the event and we had a grand time gabbing and drinking tea and being silly Lackaff girls again. We sorely missed Jess who couldn't make it. Here are some photos of our nerdy weekend.

A visit to the Japanese Garden. (It was free day so there were A LOT of people there!)

A walk to Laurelhurst Park.

Sally and Roger making a meal of clams and mussels. Yum!

Molly desparately trying to cram everything into her suitcases....with help from Ziggy.

Come back soon Molly!

February in Review

February was a big month for Gretel June so it seems only fair to take note of a few items. Along with celebrating her first Valentine's Day, Gretel also turned 8 months old! She sprouted 4 new teeth (all on the top), learned to crawl at the speed of light, learned to pull herself up on chairs and coffee tables and couches. She is pushing chairs and stools around the house, pulling books off shelves, playing tug-o-war with Alistair, and generally enjoying herself thoroughly! Gretel is becoming more and more engaged in her books, practicing her sign language, and is plunking away at the piano with more gusto than ever!

February also marked nanny Sara's leave to another job, and Gretel's first weeks of daycare. She enjoys the other babies and Billie, her new teacher. Gretel did her first painting there recently and is quite popular with her toothy grin and all the clapping she does! The busy month ended with a special visit from her Auntie Molly (whom she had not met) and Auntie Sally The First and Uncle Roger. Here are some pictures of Gretel in February.

The crazy clapper in action!