Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today's Harvest And Other Garden Updates

Gretel with today's harvest. Zucchini, pattypan squash, trombolina squash, cucumbers and (not pictured) cherry tomatoes, chard, and basil.

The fig tree is covered in fruit.

These first pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago, before the corn was as high as an elephant's eye and the tomatoes were only to the tops of their poles.

Peppers, eggplant, and runner beans just starting up their strings.

The garden as it looked today. We call this organized chaos!

Looking through the wall of scarlet runner beans at the back of the house. We are about to start the sunroom project so this part of the house will be changing soon. A pair of French doors will be centered in the sunroom and a new staircase will be built leading down into the yard.

Gretel and her Pops giving the girls some treats.

Some outtakes from today's harvest (notice Casey's awesome stonework on these stairs).

Neighborhood Night Out 2010

Gretel was a big hit at our annual Neighborhood Night Out. She spent the whole evening trotting from one end of the group to the other, with one of us trying desperately to keep her in sight! Here she is covered in watermelon juice and meeting a neighborhood dog.

Here's one of our favorite neighbors Nancy, with Gretel.

Eating some sidewalk chalk.

Our Birthing Class Celebrates One Year!

At the beginning of August we had a one-year reunion with our birthing class group. There were nine couples in our class and all of our babies were born within a few months of each other. Gretel is the oldest of them all, by exactly 15 minutes! We really enjoy this group and admire how well everyone is doing with this wonderful new addition to their families.

Casey was the grill-master and cooked up dogs and chicken for the group.

Parker took a lot of interest in Lucy!

Eleanor, aka Ella.

Mabel, who was born 15 minutes after Gretel just down the hall!

Mary Kathleen and her mom Maggie.


Parker and his mom Erin.

Gretel and her mom Liesl.

Gretel's First Bike

Gretel's Aunt Sally the Younger passed this totally RAD Radio Flyer "bike" along to Gretel recently and Gretel loves it! She has spent a lot of time trying to make it go, and one of these days she's bound to surprise us by zooming across the porch!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

At the Beach with Orion and Michelle

Our good friends, newlyweds Orion and Michelle McMahon were in town last week and we visited Larry & Liz's beach cabin in Florence with them. We had a wonderful time!

Gretel had brand new buckets waiting for her at the cabin from her Grandma Liz!

Gretel loves the garden at the cabin and is constantly "playing" with the plants. (sorry Liz!)

Below, Michelle and Alistair prepare for our hike down to Hobbit Beach.

Hobbit Beach.

Gretel meets baby Koa.
A very happy Alistair!
Heading home.

Casey barbequeing oysters - YUM!

Our totally local meal. Steelhead caught by Casey in the Lewis River, oysters from Newport, all veggies from our garden (zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli!) wine from King Estates outside of Eugene (thanks Larry!).
Orion likes to mess with Alistair....

A perfect weekend!