Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Fun

Well folks, it's been quite a summer.  The photo above pretty much says it all.  Playing, learning, working, gardening, cleaning up the chaos, and utter exhaustion, these are the things that consume our lives right now!  All surrounded by the beauty of our little world and the joys of our little family.  It's pretty hard to beat when it's all said and done. 
 Gretel sits on the stairs after running through the sprinkler on a hot day.  Our garlic harvest is in the background.
 Nursing and reading on the lawn after a long day at school/work.
 Catching some morning rays...

 Felix and Thornton hang out above.  Below, Gretel and Thorny put in a marathon day playing in Catherine Creek.

 Jenn, Wednesday and Felix at a summer picnic in Laurelhurst Park.
A typical summer evening at our house always includes a meal in the backyard.
A trip to the beach gave us a respite from the daily grind and we got to see a (dead) shark on the beach!
 An exhausted Felix naps on the beach....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Felix is 4 Months Old!

Felix weighed in at 17lbs 3oz at his 4-month checkup and he's 26 inches tall!  What a BIG baby!  He's such an easygoing, happy boy, one of those kids who is always ready to give you a smile.  At 4-months he's grabbing for things and wanting to chew on toys.  He's also full of very typical baby noises - coos, barks, snorts and purrs, he does them all.  We sure are smitten!



Friday, August 10, 2012

Grammie Daisy and Grampy Frank Visit!

We had a lovely visit from Grammie Daisy and Grampy Frank in July and August.  They had many people to visit here in Oregon, but we were lucky enough to get them for several days at the beginning of their trip, and then Grammie Daisy stayed to nanny Felix for a whole week after Grampy Frank left.  She and Felix got along surprisingly well and we all took advantage of the nice weather with lots of time in the backyard.  We put Grammie to work in the garden too! (she's an amazing helper, fyi!)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dan and Marti Reece Memorial in Cove

A memorial service was held this summer for my great aunt and uncle Marti and Dan Reece. Above a bunch of my extended family on my Mom's side.  It was a beautiful location at Melissa's house in Cove and it was fun to hear stories of Marti and Dan's lives from so many people who knew and loved them.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Celebrating Five Years!

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on July 21st with a dinner out all to ourselves!  We finally got to redeem the gift card to a swanky joint in Lake Oswego that someone had given Casey late last year.  It was a really fun treat!  (And we owe BIG thanks to Auntie Sally Hess for babysitting for us!)  Here's to the next five years!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lackaff Family Potluck

The Lackaffs still know how to party!  Or so it seemed at the family potluck we held while Mom and Dad were visiting.  Above, Barbara, Vivi and Fred, Annie and Dad, and Aunt Patty enjoy the company.  Below, two Frank Lackaffs in one picture (!) along with Pete, Daisy and Roger.

 Grammie Daisy shows Felix off to his Great Uncle Peter.  Casey, Gretel and Bea enjoy a conversation in the garden.

Sally and Roger lament our beer choices.... while Mom and Vivi model in the garden.

 Gretel and her Great Aunt Annie.
 Uncle Pete.
 My cousins Paul and Dave, and Tanya about 5 months pregnant!
 Aunt Bea enjoying Felix.
 Nursing Felix with Tommy, Fred and Vivi.
Casey shaking the giggles out of Gretel!
The "outlaws"!  L-R Tanya, Barbara, Vivi, Roger, Bea, Daisy, Patty and Casey

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great Big Kindseth/Deck/Hess Anniversary Celebration!

 2012 marks some milestone anniversaries in our family.  Among those are: 
    Jim and Norma Kindseth - 60 years of marriage
    Larry and Liz Deck  - 40 years of marriage
    Sally and Brian Hess - 10 years of marriage
    Casey and Liesl Deck - 5 years of marriage

We celebrated under a tent in our backyard with ribs on the BBQ (thanks Larry and Jim - notice the smoke in the air above the table!) and lots of good food and company.  What a wonderful way to honor the 115 years of love and commitment!

Jim and Norma hang out with their great-grandchildren.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Felix Meets Jim and Norma

 Felix got to meet his great grandparents Jim and Norma for the first time in July.  I think he likes them!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BBQ with the Old Gang

When Orion and Michelle made a visit last week, we invited the old gang over for a barbeque.  Above, the boys drink some beer:  Eric, Orion, Casey (with Felix) and Brad.  Below, Flo stole the show with her ponytails and her sweet little face.