Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Fun

Well folks, it's been quite a summer.  The photo above pretty much says it all.  Playing, learning, working, gardening, cleaning up the chaos, and utter exhaustion, these are the things that consume our lives right now!  All surrounded by the beauty of our little world and the joys of our little family.  It's pretty hard to beat when it's all said and done. 
 Gretel sits on the stairs after running through the sprinkler on a hot day.  Our garlic harvest is in the background.
 Nursing and reading on the lawn after a long day at school/work.
 Catching some morning rays...

 Felix and Thornton hang out above.  Below, Gretel and Thorny put in a marathon day playing in Catherine Creek.

 Jenn, Wednesday and Felix at a summer picnic in Laurelhurst Park.
A typical summer evening at our house always includes a meal in the backyard.
A trip to the beach gave us a respite from the daily grind and we got to see a (dead) shark on the beach!
 An exhausted Felix naps on the beach....