Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Steps

Last week Gretel took her first steps. Today she took about 20 steps in a row! We're amazed, to say the least. She seems to continue to develop every day. Her teachers at daycare told us she has figured out how to open two of the different baby-safe latches in her classroom. She's mastered opening the cat food bucket here at home and we're worried about her jumping out the dog door! Nothing like a baby to keep us on our toes!

Gretel's First Spring

Gretel has been enjoying these spring days, particularly the warm ones when she can be outside. We had a week of amazing weather and got to spend a lot of time playing in the garden. Gretel likes to pick flowers and eat them, and is particularly fond of the taste of pansies, we've discovered. Almost everything is still going in her mouth, so we've got to watch her pretty carefully!

Liesl and Gretel doing some gardening.

Hands down Gretel's favorite flower of the spring is the allium. She can't keep her hands off of these amazing globes! Luckily they are pretty resilient and can handle a yank or two.

Having fun with the walker on the sidewalk....

Love amongst the allium.

Mother's Day in Eugene

We had a very fun weekend in Eugene to celebrate Mother's Day this year. The weather was beautiful and there was much good company, a plant swap, good food, and good fun!

We all helped do some yard work at Grandma Norma and Grandpa Jim's place - even Gretel helped out!

Orion and Gretel are very taken with each other. Every time we see him Orion asks "So, how's Gretel doing?" It's very cute!

Wonder Chef Larry in his kitchen.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gretel Hits the Bigtime!

See anyone familiar in the ad above? Yep, it's Gretel June! Gretel was asked to model by our friend Tiffany, who stages ads for Fred Meyer. I can't believe they got a shot of her smiling because she was a bit wary of the whole situation while we were at the photo shoot. This ad was in papers the week of Mother's Day and we used it to surprise a few mothers of our own!

Below, Gretel and her first paycheck. (Yes, Mama Liesl is sure proud of that!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Orion and Michelle's Wedding Weekend in Cocoa Beach

Gretel took her first airplane ride last week for our trip to Cocoa Beach Florida for Orion and Michelle's wedding. She did wonderfully on the plane, as you can see above. We had lots of fun playing at the beach before the wedding.

Orion and Michelle picked a beautiful beach location and the day was sunny, warm and breezy. Quite ideal for sitting in a hammock!

Newlyweds Orion and Michelle McMahon.