Friday, July 20, 2012

Lackaff Family Potluck

The Lackaffs still know how to party!  Or so it seemed at the family potluck we held while Mom and Dad were visiting.  Above, Barbara, Vivi and Fred, Annie and Dad, and Aunt Patty enjoy the company.  Below, two Frank Lackaffs in one picture (!) along with Pete, Daisy and Roger.

 Grammie Daisy shows Felix off to his Great Uncle Peter.  Casey, Gretel and Bea enjoy a conversation in the garden.

Sally and Roger lament our beer choices.... while Mom and Vivi model in the garden.

 Gretel and her Great Aunt Annie.
 Uncle Pete.
 My cousins Paul and Dave, and Tanya about 5 months pregnant!
 Aunt Bea enjoying Felix.
 Nursing Felix with Tommy, Fred and Vivi.
Casey shaking the giggles out of Gretel!
The "outlaws"!  L-R Tanya, Barbara, Vivi, Roger, Bea, Daisy, Patty and Casey

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