Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gretel At School

Gretel spends her weekdays at daycare, aka "school". She adores it there and appears to be thriving, give or take an extra cold or six! Gretel graduated to the Wobbler Room at the beginning of July. There are 8 kids in her class and two teachers. The wobblers have a set schedule that Gretel has taken to very well, including only one nap a day and set eating times. Here are some pictures I asked the teachers to pass along to me. This is Gretel's day.

Exploring macaroni and enjoying the toys in the gym.

Playing in the suds, and exploring some unknown substance at the sensory table.

This was the day they washed the dollies. Gretel likes to hug dolls, then wrap them in a blanket or wipe them with a cloth and pat them.

Below, Gretel eats a snack with her spoon. Lots of time is spent eating at school. The kids all sit at a table together and eat out of bowls with spoons. It's quite amazing that the teachers can get them all to do this at once, and not half as chaotic as it sounds!

Painting on cloth and playing with a sticky mat.

Painting on the wall with Will and below, playing in the "pool".

Playing dress up!

The wobblers go for walks twice a day. They all leave together in one big buggy (I wish I had a picture of this because it's really cute!) in which we've been told Gretel is always placed at the front because she waves at everyone they pass! They usually go to waterfront park and each kid can get out and walk along side the buggy, if they want to. Below is Gretel with her teacher Franny.

A very worn-out girlie after a full day of playing!

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  1. Our adorable Gretel girl!!
    Her school is, over the top, cool!!
    Love Grammie Liz