Thursday, March 4, 2010

February in Review

February was a big month for Gretel June so it seems only fair to take note of a few items. Along with celebrating her first Valentine's Day, Gretel also turned 8 months old! She sprouted 4 new teeth (all on the top), learned to crawl at the speed of light, learned to pull herself up on chairs and coffee tables and couches. She is pushing chairs and stools around the house, pulling books off shelves, playing tug-o-war with Alistair, and generally enjoying herself thoroughly! Gretel is becoming more and more engaged in her books, practicing her sign language, and is plunking away at the piano with more gusto than ever!

February also marked nanny Sara's leave to another job, and Gretel's first weeks of daycare. She enjoys the other babies and Billie, her new teacher. Gretel did her first painting there recently and is quite popular with her toothy grin and all the clapping she does! The busy month ended with a special visit from her Auntie Molly (whom she had not met) and Auntie Sally The First and Uncle Roger. Here are some pictures of Gretel in February.

The crazy clapper in action!

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