Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Bellingham!

We spent Thanksgiving this year with a group of friends dating back to my Lewis and Clark days. Jenn and Jason live in Bellingham and so we made the journey up for some great food and company! All the couples present have had babies in the past two years so it was lots of fun to introduce Gretel to all of the adults and babies too! Here is Gretel meeting baby Lucy for the first time. Gretel got to wear her new Thanksgiving outfit which Grandma Liz made especially for her!

The husbands and their babies. L-R: Casey and Gretel, Jason and Lucy, Dave and Neve, and Brendan with Kieran.

And then the mothers, who coordinated their outfits, quite unintentionally! L-R: Liesl and Gretel, Jenn and Lucy, Libby and Neve, and Senneh and Kieran. Did I mention we're lined up based on the age of the baby, so Gretel is the youngest of this crowd.

And here is Gretel with her Pops getting ready to head off to bed.

We had a great visit with these LC nerds and also had some wonderful visits with a few other friends that live in Bellingham, the Donnellys and the Lambs. Who knew we had so many friends in Bellingham??!!

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  1. Gretel wins the prize for the cutest one! Perhaps I am biased? No, surely she has the most delicious cheeks ever!