Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gretel's First Halloween!

We had a spooky good time this Halloween! It started out with Gretel eyeing the candy.....

Then the Tappan-Pecks and the Hess family came over for tacos and trick-or-treating. Here are a hodge podge of photos from our evening.

Jenn was Mrs. Viola Swamp, Sid was a farmer,

Oscar was a monkey, and.....

Soleo was a monkey too!

Sally was an awesome Word Girl

Orion was a "superman" (he designed the costume himself and Sally made it)

Wednesday was a beautiful butterfly (with wings she painted herself!)

And these three characters' costumes speak for themselves! It was a great evening and we hope to make a tradition of it! (Notice the neat Halloween banner behind us - a gift from Grandma Liz!)

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