Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Honey

Poor Baby Honey has had no attention at all on this blog, although he/she is already a very important part of our family. Gretel talks about Baby Honey daily and is so excited to be a big sister! We're currently 31 weeks pregnant and starting to get excited and nervous about the big arrival. Casey and I moved into our upstairs bedroom, after doing a bunch of improvements up there (photos of that to come) and the baby will be up there with us for the next 6 months or so until he/she is sleeping well enough to move in with Gretel downstairs. Gretel is doing great sleeping in her big girl bed downstairs all by herself. Her new favorite song (which we think is about Baby Honey) was written and performed by our friend Matt Clark. It goes something like this...

There's a funny little fella, he's about to be born
He's been living in large in the belly
Where he flips like a seal, where he wriggles in the jelly
But he's getting mighty big for the belly

And his mom and dad are waiting for him on the other side
There's a carseat ready in the Chevy
And his head is getting wide and his mom is feeling heavy
And he's gonna have to move from the belly

We're all looking forward to meeting you Baby Honey. But please stay in there for another 9 weeks or so!

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