Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GSI Water Solutions - Liesl's New Job!

In October I started a new job working for a team of hydrogeologists. It's a step up for me as I'm no longer doing any bookkeeping and just strictly focusing on analysis. My official title is "Financial Controller" and I get to spend hours pouring over the numbers looking for things that aren't balancing or mistakes that were made somewhere along the way. I also spend a great deal of time finding new and interesting ways to present numbers to management in order to impart some piece of knowledge about the financial health of the company that they were not previously aware of. GSI is about three times as big as either of my two previous employers which adds levels of complexity that I haven't experienced before. It's a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying the work as well as all the new people.

Above is the view from my office that I get to stare at whenever I need a little distraction from my numbers (it's hard to see but Mount Hood is off there in the distance). I'm quite pleased to sit next to a window for the first time in my career, and a view of the Willamette and Mt. Hood is more than I've ever dreamed of! Daily I can hear the sounds of children playing out in Waterfront Park and once I even spied Gretel walking by on her rope of other 2-year olds from school! I feel incredibly lucky to have been handed this opportunity to advance my career. It's my first real lesson in the value of a personal network and that integrity and honesty in your work will really pay off.

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