Saturday, September 24, 2011

Casey Brings Home the Bacon! (or rather, filets!)

Casey has been fishing since he was a little boy, but this summer, thanks to his new drift boat and some friends with similar interests, he's learned how to catch the big guys. We're talking about steelhead and salmon. Above is the 25lb Chinook Salmon (same size as Gretel) he caught fishing in Coos Bay with Liesl and Larry a few weeks ago. The fish broke his rod and everything, but he managed to land it just the same. There have been several similar successes over the summer and so we've been eating a lot of delicious fish lately.

Casey has also become very good at smoking fish. Below is a portion of the Chinook that was smoked on our barbeque. Gretel and I are loving this new hobby - keep up the good work Pops!

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