Monday, May 9, 2011

A Hike and a Picnic - The Perfect Mother's Day!

This weekend we hiked the upper Tom McCall Wildflower Preserve trail, which was just popping with fresh new wildflowers. Balsam root, lupine, crabapple, larkspur, Indian paintbrush and a myriad of other flowers were flourishing. Although it was pouring in Portland when we left, the weather was sunny and dry in the Gorge. Gretel had a great time and sang in Papa Casey's ear all the way up and back down! (These days her favorite songs are "Howie the Firetruck" and "Happy Birthday" (better known to Gretel as "Happy You You to You")) Anyway we had a spectacular hike and picnic - just what the doctor ordered for Mother's Day!

I've never seen such vivid Indian Paintbrush.

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