Saturday, April 23, 2011

Changes in the Backyard

Yesterday marked the first warm sunshiny day of the spring, and we took advantage of it by working on our wall in the backyard. The left side is nearly finished and we are very happy with it - hooray!

The spring greens are up in the garden beds and we've got a cold frame full of lettuce to eat. Gretel has been learning to walk on the paths (not the beds) and we've put up a fence to keep Alistair and the chickens out.

Casey finished the stairs on the east side of the yard, across from the chicken coop. A nice big flagstone sits at the top and our new brick pathway will tie into it.

Sunshine, stone, growing food, and growing kids. Absolute bliss!

Gretel enjoys toddling on the new pathways.

The whole path so far (in typical Portland weather).

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  1. Wow! The back yard is beautiful. What an amazing job you have done.