Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Visit to Astoria and Cannon Beach

Gretel and her mother got to take a trip to visit Auntie Sally and Uncle Roger in Astoria recently, and also circled back through Cannon Beach to see Barbara and Rainmar. It was a whirlwind trip but so nice to catch up a bit with these folks.

Gretel had a great time playing with all of the stuff at Sally and Roger's house.

The weather held for an afternoon walk on the beach with Sally, Barbara and Rainmar.

Gretel learned about sealife from Barbara.

We met a very friendly stray dog on the beach, then Gretel proceeded to follow it home until she was quite far away from us. Who knows how far she would have gone if it weren't for taking a tumble and needing someone to dust her off?!

I think that Barbara and Rainmar took a shine to little Gretel, and she was most certainly taken with them. We hope to visit all Coastal nerds again soon!

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  1. It sure was fun having Liesl and Gretel for a weekend in Astoria and we hope less time will elapse before the next one! I had a great visit with Barbara and Rainmar as well -- an all-round lovely weekend. And I hope that poor dog found its people...