Sunday, January 2, 2011

18 Months Old!

Gretel turned 18 months old on December 29th. Here are her vital statistics:

30 inches tall (20th percentile)
23 pounds (30th percentile)

She is happy and healthy and continues to amaze us daily! She is an incredibly domestic creature, always mothering a doll or cleaning something, or working in her kitchen. She loves to read and is particularly interested in nursery rhymes right now. Some of her other current favorite books are "Joseph Had A Little Overcoat", "Hardscrabble Harvest", "On The Farm", "Duck on a Bike", "Hippos Go Berserk!", "Dancing in the Kitchen", "The Rain Came Down", all of which we have read over and over and over.
Gretel is learning to say new words all the time, even though perhaps only her parents can understand them . . . ! She says "apple" and "stop" (which sounds like "Bop!" and it's quite funny when she tells Alistair to "Bop!"). She uses the word "shoe" for both shoes and socks, and she says "pants" and "hat". She uses her sign language "please" and "thank you" (with a little prompting) and of course still has long babble conversations throughout the day with herself! Her animal sounds continue to progress, as does her piano playing and her comprehension of what we are saying.
Gretel is still a Wobbler at her school and enjoys every minute of it. She has friends there that she has known since she was 6 months old (Sadie, Will, Willa, Amos, Samantha, Violet, etc.) and she loves her teachers Mary Louise and Linda. We're still nursing about 3 times a day and neither she nor I are wanting to stop just yet, so we'll keep with it for awhile longer. Anyway, we think she's doing great in all aspects of life and we're so happy to be her parents. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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