Sunday, January 3, 2010

6 Months Old Means.......

Gretel weighed in at her 6-month doctor appointment at 16lbs 5oz, which is in the 60th percentile. She's 25.5 inches long, the 45th percentile. Nice and average all around and healthy as a hoss!

So what does being 6-months old mean? Why sitting up of course!!

And eating solid foods too! So far squash and peas have been only mildly popular.

And 6-months old also means getting ready to crawl! Here's where Gretel is now. She's trying really hard to move forward but tends to go in circles more than anything else. Those who have seen her say we've got only a few more short weeks of freedom before she's completely mobile. Yikes!


  1. DARLING!!!
    Thank you for posting progress of our littlest angel .....
    Love, Grammie Liz

  2. That's amazing! Don't you kind of just want to push her forward, and also kind of want her to wait a few more weeks so you can catch your breath? I've never seen a baby almost crawl before, but it seems like you only have hours of freedom left instead of weeks. Go Gretel!