Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Beginnings of our Wall!

The Decks have decided to build a dry-stacked stone wall to help terrace our backyard. Casey excavated the whole yard by himself. Here he is with Gretel showing off his hard labor.

Next we chose our stone - a Rustic Falls basalt from Mollala, Oregon. It's both local and beautiful. All 6+ tons of it arrived on a semi truck last Friday and sits in our mowstrip!

Gretel and Pops hanging out on the stone!

Casey couldn't help himself and has already moved one of the pieces of columnar basalt up our front steps. This piece weighs about 600 lbs and he managed it with a process of scooting it on two-by-fours, using another as a lever to push it forward. Frank Lackaff will be proud!

The next step is to get all of the stone into the back yard and to begin building. We'll keep you posted!

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